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As I sit here dreaming of what I hope 2023 will bring I can’t help but wonder….where did January go? Did we forget it?? Was it seriously 31 days. Because to be honest it feels like I celebrated New Years yesterday.

January brought about a lot of fun! We celebrate the New Year, our son had a birthday. We even made it to a Solar bears game! But is also brought about some much needed rest.

As a mom, wife and business owner life can be a bit wild sometimes. I’m sure ya’ll can relate. Some times it feels like we are just beep bopping from one spot to the other and then all of a sudden it’s a new week. It’s wild to me how kids handle the things they do. Our daughter is an active tennis player and then participates in multiple competition based STEM clubs through her school. How cool? And for the record all of these children are way more intelligent then I could ever imagine being ha! And our son plays competitive soccer and piano. On top of their schedule we our our careers, our home and all the things in between.

Because of all this busy we’ve been actively trying to slow down. To take time when we don’t have anything scheduled to just be. Not rush off and do anything but to literally allow boredom to take over which always sparks some sort of creativity or at least an urge to purge the house which is never a bad thing. We love all the things we do each week but we also really love the simplicity of just being. I think it’s what really sparks my work. I love the simplicity of just capturing you. With your family in a beautiful Florida setting….just being. I intentionally choose simple because for me….it’s my favorite.

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