9 | Newborn and Infant loss awareness

Newborn and Infant Loss Awareness

Nine entire years without you, sweet boy. This year is one that I think we all will remember fully for the rest of our lives. 2020 has brought about a year that I for sure never expected in my lifetime. One thing it brought to our family for sure was time. There was significantly less hustle and bustle…less commitments…less being pulled in 76 million different directions and A LOT more together.

2020 brought our family blessings with this time together and we really tried to love and appreciate it. But it also brought us loss personally. We lost visiting our northern family….we lost one of my very best friends….for a short while I even lost work. And with all that loss I was reminded of our greatest loss. Just like 2011 this year brought anxiety, stress and fear. Our sweet baby boy, Reid Andrew would be 9 years old today. His story is our beautiful nightmare. But as crazy as it is I wouldn’t change our story. Through all the heartbreak and sadness I know that for some reason God trusted us with Reid. He sent him here to be a part of our family. And 9 years later I still feel the blessing of carrying my sweet boy for 8 months and for the 4 gloriously emotional days we were gifted with him. His story lives on and for our family always will. It lives on in the good and bad. You will never be forgotten sweet boy.

Each year on his birthday I choose to make it a happy day. We choose to celebrate just like we would if he was here. We spend time together as a family…have a special dinner and enjoy our beautiful family. As 2020 wraps up I challenge you…in honor of Reid…Find the happy. Look for the positive in every situation. I promise it is always there.

Reid Andrew you are a blessing to our family in so many ways. And although our grief is still so very real we also are blessed knowing that you help look after us each and everyday….and I’m certain you have been with us through this entire wild ride of a year. Thank you Reid Andrew. I love you forever…I love you for always. Happy 9th Birthday baby boy.

Shortly after losing Reid my husband and I attended a support group called H.E.A.L.. If you find yourself joining this “club” this group saved us. It brought about so much peace and comfort knowing we weren’t alone and everything we felt was normal and OK. We had to write a letter to our children through this group….Here’s mine

I write about Reid every year on his birthday….to see past years head here.

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