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It’s funny how the new year always brings up new goals…New things to try or accomplish for the year. You heard all my ramblings about this on my last post so I won’t continue to bore you with that. But another goal of ours this year is to cook better and more healthy food for the family.

Enter the instapot. Ya’ll I realize I’m incredibly late to game on this one…I mean why didn’t you tell me? Just kidding…I know that you did. Literally everyone I know was shouting from the rooftops about why I needed one and ya’ll weren’t wrong ha! As long as I prep which it’s been almost 2 successful weeks of prep I can cook a full dinner in like 20 minutes which is mind blowing and game changing. So with that being said what are you favorite healthy but easy weekday meals. Must be family friendly because well I need to feed my kids.

Our personal favorites so far (some not instapot but still quick) Buttered Chicken, Taco Soup, Thai Tacos, Cheeseburger bowls. I can cook each of these in under 20 minutes assuming I went to the grocery store ha! I’m going to attempt an instapot french toast casserole so I’ll let you know how that goes! I’m hoping for a year of better prep!

Now check out these gorgeous duo. I had sooooo much fun capturing their sweet and light hearted spirit. They were amazing to hang with and I seriously cannot wait to meet their new babe. Any day now!!!

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