5 Years | Newborn and Infant Loss


Five years. How are we here. How have five long short years have already past. How? It feels like only yesterday but it feels like it was a million years ago.

Our sweet baby boy Reid was born on this day 5 years ago. So much has happened in those years. So much heartache yet so much joy. My Reid taught me how truly short life is. He taught me to make sure I say I love you. There are absolutely no guarantees in life for tomorrows.

I often wonder what life would be like if Reid would have stayed…I wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t told the doctors to stop. I wonder a lot. But then I remember that if Reid had stayed all the wondrous things that have happened the last 5 years may not have happened. If it wasn’t for Reid I would have never celebrated a Christmas with my Grandfather. If it wasn’t for Reid I would never have had Caiden. If it wasn’t for Reid I would not be who I am today.

I decided last night that today would be a happy day. We would celebrate our boy and the 4 days that we had with him. We would be together as a family and we will celebrate his incredible life. I decide that today will be about paying it forward. We went to breakfast this morning and three police officers sat behind us. My dad and I looked at each other and we decided that we should purchase their breakfast for them (ok so my parents really purchased it for them ;)). I hope to continue to pay it forward today. To do little random acts that give you all those feel goodness feels. I encourage you to do the same. Do something in Reid’s honor or something to honor someone close to you. Share the Joy that is this amazing world we live in. Celebrate. Spread love and spread kindness. Celebrate this Christmas Season and celebrate how incredible Life is.

Happy 5th Birthday Reid. I will love you for always.

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