My sweet boy is 5!

This is FIVE.

Five y’all. How this life loving, monkey jumping, dancing, giggly, energetic little boy is five just doesn’t make sense! Anyone who knows him knows how much joy he brings to this world (and exhaustion and maybe a wee bit of frustration 🤪). But joy. This guy knows how to live each moment and truly lives by go big or go home. He isn’t fearful, eager to try everything, wants to be a big kid (even insisted since he’s 5 he orders an adult meal for breakfast today ha!) and gives some seriously awesome hugs. He’s been telling us for months when he turns five he becomes a gentleman. He’s hands down one of the most fashionable 5 year olds I know and dresses himself daily. He asks to buy flowers for his friends and sister and teacher and talks about his girlfriends haven and Alivia all the time….and his buds. He’s passionate and witty…strong willed but oh so sweet. He really makes us laugh on the daily. If you ask Averee her favorite thing about Caiden she will almost always say the way he can make us laugh. He’s athletic, intelligent and seriously has the aura that attracts others to him.

Thank you sweet boy for choosing us. You have completed our family in a way we never could have imagined! We love you forever and for always!!! Happy #5!!!

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